chumbo is a creative production company.

We focus on the future of media, entertainment, advertising, community engagement and networked communication.

We create multiplayer stories.


Lead (/ˈlɛd/) is a chemical element and a heavy metal - denser than most common materials.

Between symbol and meaning there shall be no distance .

chumbo é uma produtora criativa.

Pensamos sobretudo no futuro dos média, das narrativas, da publicidade, do envolvimento comunitário e da comunicação em rede.

A nossa missão é capacitar e desafiar o mundo através de experiências criativas extraordinárias, envolventes e éticas.

Acreditamos no potencial criativo da interligação entre a realidade, a ficção e a utopia.


Stories feed on each other.

This is an ancient tale about freedom and bondage, it tells us about how two apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary,
Once, goes the tale, the means of production were violently privatized and taken away from the many by the few.

“In letters of blood and fire”, this expropriation created a new class of homeless and landless travelers who roamed the Earth looking for work.


We have different skills.

We provide exclusive expert strategic insights and create complex narratives for our clients, partners, and projects.

Our work is based on extensive and dedicated field investigation, speculative design, robust game theory, user and teams-wide qualitative research.

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chumbo visions lda

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Our mission is to empower and to challenge the world through extraordinary, engaging, and ethical creative experiences.

Dream communication is powerful because it operates without regard for specifics, without respect for control.

It erases the distinction between a sound and its echo. It is only concerned with special effects.

We will speak this dream language.
In the city, the cloud, the platform and the network, we will ignore geography and travel instantaneously.