Anywhere is everywhere

After the network, on top of it, are digital platforms. They are vertical arrangements, interconnected and global, at war and in collaboration with each other.
They embody the governing logic and the technical infrastructure of the emerging geopolitical disorder. This is a fragmented, chaotic, ambivalent and recursive state of affairs that somehow manages to encompass and thrive on the mundane and the impossible, on the sublime and the unspeakable.
Identity, autonomy, media, the economy, borders and the power to control them, aesthetics, language, music, what is true and what is not: everywhere you go these things will surprise you with their uncertainty and their refusal to stand still.
The scale of events does not matter. Money is increasingly irrelevant.
History might not happen.
In a dream, geography does not exist and travel is always immediate. Each scenario is adjacent to the next, contaminated and remixed by whatever is happening in other parts of the brain, in real time.
Dream communication is powerful because it operates without regard for specifics, without respect for control. It erases the distinction between a sound and its echo. It is only concerned with special effects.
We will speak this dream language. In the city, the cloud, the platform and the network, we will ignore geography and travel instantaneously. Between symbol and meaning there shall be no distance.
Anywhere is everywhere.